Hourglass Table - May 2007

I prefer curved work over strictly angular as I believe it gives it a more elegant look.  Made of Brazilian Cherry, this table uses two hourglass shapes for the stretchers.  To create them I laminated thin strips of wood to a form and glued it together.  Over time, I've begun to use more hand tools and less power tools.  Much of the work done on this was done by hand.  All mortises and tendons was cut with nothing but a chisel and a mallet.

I'm quite proud of this and it services as an inn table in my family room with a nice ornate lamp.

Mantel Clock - November 2005

This is one of my first real woodworking projects.  It's done in Cherry.  The pendulum was lengthened since this picture was taken as it's obviously too short here.  The front frame was done with dowel construction and much of the other pieces are simply laminated together.

Mantel - November 2002

When we purchased a new home in 2002, the fireplace needed a mantel.  However, the ones you can purchase were very expensive and very poorly made.  I figured I could purchase the wood and make it myself.  This was made from red oak and I think this is the project that really got me interested in woodworking.  It is still firmly in place in my house and looks as good as the day it was made.

Picnic Table - June 2002

A simply cedar table for my daughter.  It's hard to see in this picture, but it's much smaller than a normal table and just the right size for my daughter.  We had it for several years and it needed several refinishing sessions, but, alas, it has been very much out grown and has been broken down for the next project.  I saved most of the good wood and it will find a new home in some future project.