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CurrencyConverter.jar - July 2010

This command line currently converter program will pull real time data from Yahoo and display the results of your query.  

For program help, run:         java -jar CurrencyConverter.jar -h

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DirSize.jar - June 2010

This command line program will recursively scan a filesystem and report total files and sizes.

For program help, run:         java -jar DirSize.jar -?

Download TBD - February 2007

This perl program is a reverse polish notation calculator.  It has a nice money mode and can save / restore your data stack.  I use it for all my calculator needs and even balance my checkbook with it.

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Ren2Date.exe - January 2004

An old program I wrote that renames a file in several standard date formats.  Very useful in scripting.  It has a lot of options, including a simulation mode and multiple dot formats.  Default styles are as follows, but you can define any custom combination you like.
  • YYYY-MM-DD.ext [Default]
  • YYY_MM_DD.ext
  • YYYYMMDD.ext
  • MM-DD-YYYY.ext
  • MM_DD_YYYY.ext
  • MMDDYYYY.ext
For program help, run Ren2Date.exe without any parameters.

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ScreenSize.exe - December 2009

Very simple C program that will return the resolution of the screen.  It can also just give height or width.  I use it with automated programs that need this information.  Not sure how it will handle multiple monitors.  Should probably look into that...

For program help, run:        ScreenSize.exe -h

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getopt.btm - January 2009

I'm a big fan of JPSoft's TakeCommand advanced command line processor.  This is a batch file that will process command line options.  The help is in the comments at the top of the file.  I find it very useful and use it in most of my batch programs.  If you have not looked at TakeCommand and you are a command line guy at heart (as I am), check it out.  You won't be disappointed.