Halfway Down - December 2002

A birthday present for my daughter.  I added a poem to this and a little other post work.  It's loosely modeled after my first home.

Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 7.5

 Forgotten - December 2000

"The past exists for all of us. However, it is often lost. Forgotten, as are the lessons learned from it."

What can I say? I'm an HP Lovecraft fan and like creepy scenes. This was my first attempt at an actual full image. It was modeled and rendered with TrueSpace 4.3. Other than the fog, I'm fairly happy with the result. Received an honorable mention in the December 2000 Caligari Competition.

Sector2m Logo - March 2001

An image for a company logo for a friend. I used Lightwave and Paintshop Pro.    


Penni - June 2001

A program I was going to develop, but never seemed to find the time. The "Perl Enterprise Network Node Investigator" was an SNMP based management tool. Naturally I did find time to do a snazzy little logo for the about box. Always the most important thing when starting a new project!

This was done with Lightwave.